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Assembled Complete Takoto HE20 Hotend - Abrasives Edition

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For those serious users (hobbyist and professional!) who need something that can do abrasives day in, day out!

Why Takoto?

Some of the advantages of Takoto HE20 include:

  • All metal (tested to >320°C, testing in process for 400°C)
  • Best-in-Class abrasives performance - Single-piece Titanium heatbreak ensures extreme life even printing the most harsh materials
  • Dual vertical heater cartridges (standard Ø6.0 x 20mm, any wattage that your machine can support), clamped in for good thermal transfer
  • Standard Ø3.0 x 15mm temp-sensor (thermistor or PT100/1000) clamped between the heaters & the nozzle for accurate sensing
  • Standard E3D Volcano nozzle, because they are readily available in various metals & work well
  • Very rigid structure via 3 titanium hollow pillar mounts, because crashes happen and threaded heat-breaks can bend, tear out, or break
  • The heat is retained to the melt zone by the titanium feed tube & copper heat sink, significantly limiting heat-soak to the filament in the feed mechanism
  • Very well cooled via modular fan options, and design protected for future liquid cooling
  • Thermally protected with a high-temperature silicon sock to minimize heat loss (increase efficiency) & for safety
  • Independently proven to flow >35mm3/s consistently, continuously and repeatably (PLA+ @ 215C, 0.8 nozzle, 0.4 layer)
  • Designed for mounting to Bondtech BMG-M; Bondtech LGX; Titan Aero; Hemera; Raise 3D N1; ...  with designs for alternative mounting options in future

  Various fan ducts & other accessory product STL's can be downloaded for free at
 Please refer to

for further details.

    Assembled Complete Takoto HE20 Hotend - Abrasives Edition
    Assembled Complete Takoto HE20 Hotend - Abrasives Edition
    Assembled Complete Takoto HE20 Hotend - Abrasives Edition