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Fusion Filaments

HTPET - Carbon Rod Black

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    Printing Information

    Diameter: 1.75mm

    Recommended Extrusion Temperature Range: 280-300

    Recommended Bed Temperatures: Suggested: 80C-90C on PEI - Sticks Very well, use glue/Nano to discourage complete bonding

    Volumetric Flow Rates: 50mm3/s +

    Drying Information

    How do I dry my filament properly?

    Please reference the table below for recommended drying temps and durations on various Fusion Filaments material types.

    NOTE: Not all drying devices are built equally, failure to follow these temperatures could result in a damaged spool

     Resin Spool Type Temp (C / F) Drying Time
    HTPLA+ Refill Spool 46 / 115 12 hours
    HTPLA+ Injection Spool 55 / 131 6 hours
    PLA Refill Spool 46 / 115 12 hours
    PLA Injection Spool 55 / 131 6 hours
    PETG Refill Spool 46 / 115 16 hours
    PETG Injection Spool 55 / 131 12 hours
    HTPET+ Injection Spool 74 / 165 12 hours
    ABS Injection Spool 74 / 165 12 hours
    Polycarbonate Injection Spool 74 / 165 16 hours

    Material Information


    *Note: Please ensure compatibility with your printer. Material needs to be kept dry for best performance. This material is BPET, NOT PETG
    We recommend drying your filament once delivered. HTPET+ is extremely hydroscopic and will absorb moisture through the vacuum bags even when perfectly sealed.
    Why should I use HTPET+ ?
    HTPET+ is a PETE polymer, the same plastic used to make soda pop bottles.
    It has a glass transition temperature of 82c.
    It is a non-warping resin.
    It is annealable same as most PLA's.
    It has similar heat resistance to ABS without annealing at 87c.
    It doesn't have the same issues as PETG does. It doesn't glob, it can print at 400mm/s or higher speeds.