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Stablebot Core - COMING SOON

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    Stablebot printers are printers that you can build at home that are excellent platforms to build, tinker, and experiment with, while still providing a workhorse experience that continues cranking out parts day-in, day-out.

    There are several ways to have one of these for yourself! Easiest to hardest, one can:

    • Purchase Completed, Assembled, and Calibrated printer from my shop

    • Purchase complete kit and assemble it yourself

    • Purchase Joints Kit - Laser cut pieces that all sizes of stablebot can use

    • Self-sourcing

    Key features common to both machine platforms:

    • Any-size construction with the same, rigid aluminum joints

      • Scale extrusion + linear rail Z-screws, and bed and away you go!

    • Repeatable, Fast motion

      • Genuine Gates 9mm belts, Pulleys, and Idlers

      • MGN12 Linear rail

      • Parallel Belts

      • Genuine Gates Idlers

      • Pulleys supported in Double-Shear

    • Klipper or RRF firmware

      • Both With SBC implementations

    • Consistent performance at high temperatures

      • Kinematically mounted to allow for expansion

      • Mic6 bed for optimal flatness and warp-free heating

    • AC heated @ .4 w/cm^2

      • SSR controlled, with TCO Fuse

    • Dual-sided PEI Magnetic Beds

      • Smooth+Textured surface

      • Magnets rated to 140C

    • High-Wattage 24V + Seperate 5V PSU’s

      • For any tool

      • Easily add expansions, high-powered tools

    • Mesh Levelling

    • Auto-calibration -

      • Auto Bed Tilt, Auto Gantry Level

    • High Temp Capable

    • Consistently routed wire paths protected by cable chains

      • Toolchanger pending**


    Unique Features of the Stablebot Core

    • Triple Z Lead screws for true levelling

    • 2040 Gantry

    • CoreXY Motion System

    • Toolchanger Upgrade path

      • Jubilee REL

      • E3D Toolchanger

    • Protected belt path