Start of something... Good?

I’m starting a journey to design a e3d toolchanger-compatible 3d printer made with profiled rail and 2020.

 I’m going to call it the Stablebot.

In short, my goals for this printer are:


1)      Accessible

a.       Uses 2020 for the frame and minimal machined parts

                               i.      Will be optional printed parts

                               ii.      All other Metal parts will be common parts available

b.       Build your own!

c.       Scalable!

2)      Reliable

a.       Rigid frame for rock-solid printing

b.       Mechanical mesh leveling

c.       Known Components

                             i.      E3D V6 All-Metal Hotends

                             ii.      Duet Mainboard

                             iii.      CoreXY Mechanics

d.       Stable Bed Platform also on profiled rails

3)      Capable

a.       400x400x700 volume for my first build,

b.       Toolchanger!

                             i.      Can be anything

1.       Regular Extrusion

2.       Vision system

3.       Part placing

a.       Inserts

b.       Bearings

4.       Subtractive manufacturing

c.       High-Temp Bed – Capable of 150C!

d.       Easily Enclosable for high-temp materials

e.       Rigidity allows for speed!

f.        Many IO ports to allow for generous accessorizing

g.       Print anything! Flexible, carbon fiber, super-high-temp

And much much more! (hopefully not, scope creep is a project killer)


I’ll share more as I finalize the design and order some parts, and share what I learn and why I did the things I did as I progress on this project.

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