Stablebots are the right printer for *any* job

  • Customizable for your Unique Needs

    Whatever you or your buisness needs, Stablebot can deliver.

    Need a huge machine?

    Stablebot can get to 1m^3.


    Need ultimate reliability?

    Luke's Lab carries our own Servos to ensure your time-sensitive and valuable prints get done without worry.


    Need Dual extrusion or even more?

    Stablebot printers support single tool, IDEX, and even toolchanger configurations!


    Open Ecosystem

    There's been a tremendous amount of advancement in the entire Additive Manufacturing environment - The Stablebot takes tested, high quality solutions and integrates them into one package for the best possible printer.

    Use whatever filament, nozzle, extruder, adhesive, or anything else that you like - no software or hardware lockouts to make your life difficult.

    However - just because the system is open, doesn't mean you are on your own - Service contracts, upgrade agreements, and rapid iteration are possible if you'd like - the option is all yours!

    Every purchase supports all open-source contributions, by donations, or by purchasing hardware directly from the original maker.

    Visit The Stablebot Github!
  • Built For Doing, Not for Show


    Other big printers may have big volumes, but don't have the speed to back it up. The Stablebot's capabilities start at 400mm/s (or up to 35mm3/s) print speed and 15,000mm/s^2 accelerations. That means your work gets done fast and lets you iterate quickly. Since Stablebots are provided with high flow hotends from the start, print strength doesn't suffer, unlike other brands.


    Stablebot is built with the parts needed for day-in, day-out reliability. Everything is farm-tested and high quality. Metal components for the motion. Linear Rails for XYZ axies. All-metal hotends. and optional AI observation to keep your important prints going 24/7.

Want to know more?

Hit the button below to download the specifications list - even if you don't see a capability you need, reach out with as much detail as you have so we can work out a solution that satisfies your needs!

Stablebot Core Specifications

Or pick from our off-the-shelf options!

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