Printed Part Policy

What does this policy cover?

This policy covers all printed kit parts - any custom orders, unique one-offs, or other prints will have their own policy, which may include this guarantee.

What IS the policy?

Functional parts are guaranteed to function as the original design intended. They will be printed to creator-specified parameters or better (deviations will be specified in the listing). All parts will function correctly when installed, and will not require significant rework to function. 

What isn't covered?

Small issues that are not functionally tied to how the part should operate.

This includes:

  • Light blobbing
  • Less-than-perfect overhangs
  • Small corner warp
  • Elephant foot
  • Drooping bridged sections

To Reiterate - this only applies when this is not tied to the function of the printed part, IE: If elephant foot causes interference with surrounding parts, that is covered by the functional parts guarantee. 

In addition - parts that are modified, improperly installed, or otherwise mishandled will not be covered, but reasonable reprint requests will be made at cost for accidental issues.

What does this mean for you, the customer?

If the part doesn't work, doesn't fit, doesn't perform its intended function, I'll print and send you new parts at my cost until it works. That's my guarantee. You'll have a functional part as quick as I can get it out. 

If you have questions on this policy or your particular parts ordered, please contact me: