Stablebot Update

Stablebot Update

Alright – its a long time since the last Stablebot update! Since I’ll be presenting on the stablebot, at VERRF, I want to do a writeup on what it is and what it’s not!

Without further ado - What is the Stablebot Core?

The Stablebot Core intends to be a scalable motion platform that utilizes E3D’s toolchanging specifications to use tools.

Primary uses are :3D Printing with Light milling (in the form of ASMBL), Coloring, Pick and place, and pretty much anything else that only has light side loading on the toolhead!

Key Features:

  • E3D and Jubilee TC head compatible (requires adjustment for both)
  • Scalable – Pick a Size, it can probably be made with the one-size-fits-all joint pieces.
    • Only variables are Length of Extrusion, lead screws, linear rail, and the square bed cut size, the rest of the components are identical regardless of total volume
  • Strong
    • Solid Joints using Laser-cut Aluminum or Steel Pieces
    • All components for the frame+motion system are made of metal – Maximum rigidity!
  • Open-Source
    • Will release formulas for component sizing for a certain bed size
    • No Proprietary Hardware – Can use Duet, Marlin, Klipper, Or Smoothie! - Configs will be available for Klipper+Duet
    • .DXF’s/.STL’s for printed+laser-cut parts
  • CoreXY motion
  • 9mm Belts
  • Linear rails (MGN12) on all movement axes
  • Live-Leveling with triple-z axis motors using kinematic mounts
  • Supports Any-size tools using easily-movable tool posts on modular 2020 rail
  • Kinematically-coupled MIC6
  • Bed AC heater
  • Enclosable – All components are inside 2020 Frame – make your own panels!
  • On-Platform Automated Tool Alignment
    • Uses A USB camera and TAMV to align tools automatically, meaning that tool swaps can be done quickly and efficiently!
  • Smart (or dumb!)
    • One of the beautiful things about open-source is that I currently plan to support klipper and Duet configurations, but there’s absoulutely no reason a user can’t opt for their firmware+board of choice. All that will need to be done is to have the wiring converted over and a config created, based off my current settings.
  • ATX Power supply
    • Need more 5v power? Custom 24V ATX supply gives plenty for high-power 5v components such as Raspberry pi, neopixels, and so much more!!!
  • Touch-Screen Control!
    • Primary controller paths are both complimented by Raspberry Pi’s – Use any-size HDMI-based touchscreen, and mount anywhere you like!

What is the Stablebot Core Not?:

  • Ready for release
  • Perfect
  • A mill
  • Extreme-Temp ready

When I started on this project, I definitely didn’t think I’d run into the issues I did, but I’m also happy that I didn’t run into the issues I thought I would!

Things I think I’m done with:

  • Motion System – the mechanics are working great! Speeds of 150mm/s+ are plenty printable, the machine is rigid. There are more improvements to be made for damping to increase acceleration and jerk.
Things that need work:
  • Wiring – With extra-large machines, its especially hard to support the heavy wires and to keep them out of other tools.
  • Tool posts – my design for toolposts is a touch fidgety to get the height correct – There is some improvements I have designed, but will need to print and remove old to assemble new
  • Move motors outside of build volume – I will need to do some additional custom cuts to the upper 2040 rail to allow belts to pass through, but this will create space for 2 additional Hemera Tools
  • Fine-Tune Lead-screw Height – Currently are slightly too tall especially on the rear of the machine, taking valuable tool space.

Things I have yet to try:

  • ASMBL – I have the tool completely made, but have been focusing on other options
  • Machine Vision
  • Pick&Place
  • Bowden Tools - Currently have Hemera+Slice(clone) tools with direct drive options.
  • Full Enclosure – Can make panels from plastic for extra heat – put a fan to use the bed heater 
I’ll be bringing more updates soon related to some of the other adventures I’ve had with the machine, including some discoveries I made when printing large quantities of Covid-19 Supplies!

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