The next in 3D printers by Luke's Laboratory - Introducing the Mystic Series

The next in 3D printers by Luke's Laboratory - Introducing the Mystic Series

In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing, innovation is the driving force behind groundbreaking technology. Today, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming printer series – the LabMagi and LabMagus, as part of our new Mystic line.

There will be more information to follow in the coming weeks, (the machines aren't quite picture-perfect for you yet) but we believe it represents a leap forward in simplicity, efficiency, and performance. Crafted with a target on efficiency and simplicity and tailored for the professional market, the LabMagi and LabMagus boast a seamless Plug and Play experience, setting a new standard in user-friendly 3D printing.

Key Features at a Glance

  1. Drop-In, Plug and Play: Say goodbye to complex setups. Our 3D printers are designed for ease of use – uncrate, plug in, add to your local network (or don't, we don't judge), and you're ready to create. Available in 110 and 220v configurations.

  2. Versatility in Sizes: The LabMagi and LabMagus each will come in a standard and "+" version for those larger-than-life creations. The LabMagi line is the smaller of the two, with either a 400x280x250mm or a 500x500x600mm volume. Impressively, the LabMagus starts at a whopping 600x580x700mm volume, and the plus model arrives with a capacious 600x600x1000mm space for your next print.

  3. Klipper Firmware: Powered by Klipper and a Raspberry Pi, our printers ensure precision and speed, offering a cutting-edge, easy-to-access system.

  4. Maximum Performance: Experience unmatched print quality and speed with hotends designed for optimal flow, catering to the demands of professional applications. Our prototypes have been printing at over 67.8mm^3/s, for the first layer. When printing PETG at these deposition rates, you can lay down over 7kg/day and still have time to change a spool. Oh, and these rates were tested with a .8mm nozzle. We'll be pushing the boundaries soon, and are excited to share what they are.

  5. Actively Heated Chambers: Achieve superior print results by controlling ambient temperature throughout the printing process, ensuring optimal conditions for a wide range of materials. All of these machines are built to withstand up to 80c chambers, with active heaters and circulation built in.

  6. Technology-packed to keep your spools rolling: Despite its economical price for the feature-set, the Mystic series comes packed with the latest in technology to keep your productivity high and frustration low.  

      • Beacon Eddy Current Sensing
        • Even the large beds don't take much time to generate a highly accurate, high-density mesh. Create a 61x61 mesh in under two minutes with sub-micron accuracy thanks to Beacon technology.
      • High-Flow High-Performance Toolhead
        • With a production machine you need to keep material headed out the nozzle and onto your build plate. All Mystic printers come equipped with a high-flow hotend, powerful extruder, and industry-leading cooling to make sure every second counts.
      • Filament and Motion Sensor
        • Nothing is worse than experiencing a clog/jam/tangle from poor filament, poor slice, or just plain bad luck - the Mystic series all come with a combo filament runout+motion sensor to ensure that your time and money don't go out with the trash.
      • Touchscreen interface
      • Wide-angle camera for remote viewing & AI print monitoring

    Unique Features of the LabMagi

      • Built-in Filament Drying Spool Cabinet
        • Instead of setting up a bulky drier beside your printer, simply use the built-in filament cabinet with a PTC-powered heater to keep your filament dry and your quality high.
        • This cabinet is even G-code controlled - Once you set up your profile, you can rest assured that your prints will come out great, every time.
        • Activated Carbon Filter integrated

     Unique Features of the LabMagus

      • Series Extruder for the heaviest load
        • When printing with big spools, even powerful extruders need a little help. Included with the LabMagus is an extra drive dedicated to ensuring the primary extruder doesn't experience the variable resistance of a large 5-20kg spool, potentially affecting your print

    To conclude, a quick summary on what is coming with the Mystic series:

    • All-Metal Construction
    • Klipper Firmware with PI4 Computing
    • Fully enclosed & heated chambers
    • Metal, high-performance toolheads
    • Mesh leveling
    • Remote Camera Monitoring with AI monitoring available
    • Support and service contracts available to keep uptime high, alongside stock of replacement parts


    Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the capabilities of each model in the Mystic series in future blogs.

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