Chube Update 3/18/24

Chube Update 3/18/24

Chube Update 3/18/2024


Hello! We have some progress we’d like to share with you!


Chalice Heatbreaks: The full order is in!


Heatblocks: Our first round of blocks also came in from the plater, the plating was too thick, and so we sent them in to be fixed. They arrived at the plater’s again, and they gave us an eta of 4-5 days.

The remainder of the heatblocks will begin being machined soon. We have ordered over 400lbs of copper for Chube! This should go fairly quickly once the copper has safely arrived.

Once they are machined, they will go out to the plater. I am going to estimate plating, including shipping back to us (Luke's Lab) will take about a week.

Heatsinks: We have all of the Conduction sinks in, and a partial of the Air sinks. The partial supply of Air Sinks is over 100, so we are doing well!

The machinist says that the rest of the Air sinks are ready and shipping today/tomorrow. Those should arrive pretty quickly; the machinist isn’t far from us. These sinks are absolutely beautifully machined.

Shrouds: The rest of these are 1-2 weeks out, according to estimate from machinist. Thus far, this machinist has had accurate estimates, so we are feeling good about that!

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out!

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