What is Luke's Laboratory About?

  • 1. Products Chosen With Care

    This isn't just a storefront for any product - its a catalog of battle-tested products that have earned their place

  • 2. Expert Assistance

    We have intimate knowledge of 3d printing and printer setup. If you need assistance with which product to choose, implementation, or other issues, We can help!

  • 3. Invested in your success

    Whether you're a business looking for custom solutions or a hobbyist looking for an upgrade, Luke's Laboratory wants you to succeed.

  • 4. Supports Open Source

    Every open-source project sold here directly supports the original creator. Luke's Laboratory firmly believes in giving back to the community, and many of our designs are OS as well.

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Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting the 60A prints to us by the engineer’s requested date.  I am waiting for the engineer to pick them up but I sent pictures and she thinks they will work fine for her application. These prints are far better than anything we have been able to do with 60A in our lab.

Kurt Chipperfield, John Deere

Luke is the man… the man with speed! Luke also sells great stuff in his store and will help you with about anything. Well worth building a relationship with.

I say give Luke your business! He actually helps his customers and seems to be a genius!


I am a competitor, and agree with Lightspeed, Lukes Laboratory is good people and you ought to check out what he is selling.


I'm extremely grateful for all of your contributions to 3d printing! I don't think people like you are thanked enough for what you do! I can't wait to see V1!

Author's name

Great prints! Luke Printed the parts I needed for the 3D printer I'm building myself. The parts work really well and only had a few minor hiccups with hole sizes. They were easily fixed by tapping the holes using a hand tap. Definitely the place to go if you need parts printed!

Matt Gustman