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Lukes Laboratory

Euclid Probe Kit

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Update! - All euclids are now 24v capable - whether your system voltage is 3.3v, 5v or 24v (replacing inductive probe) the euclid can handle it!

The highly accurate and magnetically coupled Z probe for your 3D printer, laser and CNC machine. Check it out in action below.

There are so many different bed sensing options out there, so why Euclid?

  • Direct Surface Sensing
    • Swap out your surface for glass, textured, PEI, PEX, Blue Tape, whatever! Euclid can sense them all
  • Reliable Probing
    • Even at a 10mm/s probe speed, standard deviation is .0021 in a sample size of 50 probes
    • Direct sensing of the bed - not affected by bed magnets, humidity,
    • No servo needed, no waiting between probes, no settle time - probe quickly and without failure
  • Reliable Deployment
    • Polarized Magnets for one-way docking
    • Circuit is completed through magnets - if docking fails for whatever reason, printer can detect and error
    • Atomized docking components are pre-made for any application - simply add geometry to attach to your machine and enjoy tried&tested geometry
  • Durable
    • Switches are standard industrial switches used in a wide variety of applications
    • Docking the probe allows significant toolhead clearance when not in use
    • No moving parts are installed while machine is in use - nothing to get caught during an errant print or if the sensing pin decides to drop and catch things on its own


  • 2x Euclid PCB's
  • 2x Polarized Magnet Pairs
  • 4x Flathead Screws for magnet mounting
  • 1x JST-XH 3position header
  • 1x Omron Switch


Check out the github here:

All purchases support the original creator

Installation notes:

The holes for installing the board on the printer are sized for m2.5 screws. There is enough PCB space to drill out for m3 clearance hole.

    Euclid Probe Kit
    Euclid Probe Kit
    Euclid Probe Kit
    Euclid Probe Kit

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Kieran Loewen

    Easy assembly and works great!

    Johann Quessada

    Easy and arrived as expected

    Hamid Ghadyani
    Good probe

    Magnets, screws, pins and connectors are great. PCB traces and electronics seems to be great, however the pcb board seems to have been sloppily cut in the round side and the edges of pcb connecting the round end with the rest of pcb were not even straight lines. Toon more than simple filing to fit it to Euclid’s standard mount.
    In generak I am satisfied with the product

    Greg Born
    Euclid Probe - The way to go

    For several years I used a BLTouch probe and in the last year I switched to an inductive probe. I was using the stock RatRig build plate with a PEI coated spring steel sheet (Fulament) held down with the normaly used 'refrigerator magnet'. I often had to re-adjust my Z-offset using either probe. Recently I installed a Mandala Roseworks machined aluminum bed plate (0.0015" flat!) with 9 very powerfull magnets. The inductive probe was useless. Went back to the BLTouch and even it is influenced by magnetic fields. So I installed the Euclid Probe. I set my Z-offset once and haven't had to adjust it since. The Mandala RW aluminum build plate and the Euclid Probe are an excellent combination. And I have to add that Lukes Laboratory is an excellent company to deal with.
    RatRig V-Core-3.1-200, E3D Revo 6, Duet3 Mini5/reprap firmware.


    My go to bed leveling probe! Tried inductive which was ok but not nearly as accurate as a Euclid, their installed in all my printers. Much appreciation to L.L for the Outstanding Service!