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ASMBL - Printed Parts - PC/ABS-CF

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Exactly what the title says - You need some Carbon-filled goodness for the ASMBL tool? I’ll print it for you so you can get going with some milling goodness quickly without needing a hardened nozzle.

FITMENT GUARANTEED - Reprints will be issued if parts do not fit.

Includes all parts from


  • Cable Bracket

  • Vacuum Duct Flex End

  • Bearing Clamp

  • Dock_Cables

  • Upper Bearing Bracket

  • CPAP Bracket

  • Lower Bearing Bracket

  • Vacuum Duct

Parts are printed in PC/ABS-CF from 3dXtech. Should be extra strong and quite heat tolerant!

I will have a parts kit in the future for all ASMBL parts. Stay Tuned!

    ASMBL - Printed Parts - PC/ABS-CF
    ASMBL - Printed Parts - PC/ABS-CF