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Dumbboard V0.9

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    Tired of unruly handmade wire bundles? The Dumbboard might not be smart, but it definitely can help you clean up the rats nest going to/from your hotend.

    This is intended to be a harnessing aid for toolchangers, but can be used on any/all 3d printers to clean up your harnessing.

    Comes with all connectors and headers - just add a 20pin ribbon cable!

    This is the first run of the dumbboard. Feedback Welcome -


    • 20 low-medium current pins (1.5A/pin) for signal and power delivery (Fans, Motor, Sensors)

    • 2 high-power circuits (6A each) (hotend, laser)

    • Pinout Fully Labelled

    • Jumper available for using screw post as signal circuit - Lulzbot style conductive probing possible! Useful for automatic tool offset calibration

    • Connectors are common with Duet Boards

    • Mount holes are 34mm apart - Mount Directly on a Hemera! (with spacers)

    • Size: 63.5x28.5mm


    Connector Information:

    • Uses Common 20pin 2.54mm Ribbon Cable to connect wherever - Direct Wired in OR to another Dumbboard!

    • Uses Molex KK 254 connectors for signal-out

    • Uses JST VH for power

    • All connectors included to connect existing harnesses to board

    • Duet Smart Toolboard uses JST VH for power-in making swap simpler for future upgrades!

    Total connections - Male Headers and Female Connectors included with Crimp pins unless otherwise noted.

    • 3x 4pin Molex KK 254

    • 4x 2pin Molex KK 254

    • 1x 20P 2.54mm Pitch IDC - Header Only

    • 4x 2pin JST VH 396 - these are passthrough, so 2 total circuits.