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Muldex Edition Dumbboard! - Unsoldered Kit

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    Custom Dumbboards for the Muldex! Photos Courtesy of @dddpworld

    Muldex Edition has a few key changes from regular dumbboards

    1) Hole Spacing is different! If you’d like to use these for a seperate project, Hole spacing is 35.5mm apart, vs Dumbboard’s standard 34mm.

    2)Board size is 42.5x31mm, with the hole centers on both sides 8.13 x 3.56mm spaced from the edges.

    3) Different connectoring scheme. 3x 2-pin connectors for Thermistor, Tool Fan, and Part Fan, respectively, 1x 3-pin connector for end stop, 1x 4-pin connector for the extruder motor, and 1x 5-pin connector for a full BLTouch.


    • 18 low-medium current pins (1.5A/pin) for signal and power delivery (Fans, Motor, Sensors)

    • 1 3A circuit [3A] for the hotend

    • Pinout Fully Labelled

    Connector Information:

    • Uses Molex Micro-fit 10x2 to connect wherever - Direct Wired in OR to another Dumbboard!

    • Uses Molex KK 254 connectors for signal-out

    • Uses JST VH 3.96mm for high-current circuit

    • All connectors included to connect existing harnesses to board

    Total connections - Male Headers and Female Connectors included with Crimp pins unless otherwise noted.

    • 3x 2pin Molex KK 254

    • 1x 3pin Molex KK 254

    • 1x 4pin Molex KK 254

    • 1x 5pin Molex Kk 254

    • 1x 20P 10x2 Molex Micro-fit (Female PCB header only)

    • 1x 2pin JST VH 3.96mm