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Dumbboard V1

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If you don’t own a duet 3 with an individual smart toolboard, this board is meant to help you keep your cables organized and your tools servicable. Useful for any printer/hotend, as it will fit neatly on nearly any spot. Fits Hemera’s bolt pattern (34mm apart, 3mm screw)

V1 implemented some lessons and has some key changes from V0.9.

1) Switched to Molex Micro-fit Connectors - More expensive, but provides a much better positive lock. Harnessing may be harder. There may be harness kits offered in the future.

2) Removed dedicated high-current channels. For 20P variants, will use 2 merged pins for up to 6A (wire size dependent) Now only ONE connection per board!

3) No sense pins for nozzle-touch implementation.

4) Overall smaller boards and packaging - should be much easier to place anywhere.


20p, Full-size - Uses complete 2x2 mounting scheme, 34x34 square bolt pattern. Fits perfectly on the side of an e3d hemera.

20P, Smol - Great for use on complete single tools, 42mm x 27.5mm x 15mm LxWxH when assembled.

12P, Smol - Great for toolchangers - Compact and light with provisions for Heater, Thermistor, Tool Fan, Part fan, and a stepper motor. 42mm x 21mm x 15mm LxWxH when assembled

Features, 20P [12P]:

  • 16[10] low-medium current pins (1.5A/pin) for signal and power delivery (Fans, Motor, Sensors)

  • 1 6A[3A] circuit 6A[3A] (hotend, laser)

  • Pinout Fully Labelled

  • Connectors are common with Duet Boards

  • Mount holes are 34mm apart - Mount Directly on a Hemera! (with spacers)

Connector Information:

  • Uses Molex Micro-fit 10x2[6x2] to connect wherever - Direct Wired in OR to another Dumbboard!

  • Uses Molex KK 254 connectors for signal-out

  • Uses JST VH 3.96mm for power

  • All connectors included to connect existing harnesses to board

  • Duet Smart Toolboard uses JST VH 3.96 for V_in making swap simpler for future upgrades!

Total connections - Male Headers and Female Connectors included with Crimp pins unless otherwise noted.

  • 2x[1x] 4pin Molex KK 254

  • 4x[3x] 2pin Molex KK 254

  • 1x 20P[12P] 10x2 Molex Micro-fit (Female PCB header only)

  • 1x 2pin JST VH 3.96mm

    Dumbboard V1
    Dumbboard V1
    Dumbboard V1
    Dumbboard V1
    Dumbboard V1
    Dumbboard V1
    Dumbboard V1