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Controller Board designed for use with Klipper firmware, especially for extruders to simplify wiring without losing features. Comes with complete connector set needed.

The HUVUD toolboard is designed to simplify wiring and configuration for extruders on klipper-based machines, particularily useful for toolchangers or extra large machines, but provides advantages for even the smallest of machines.

Skip the wire bundle!

V.61 is the current version

Key Features:

  • Simplifies Wiring for any extruder head down to 4 wires

    • V+, V-, Can_H, Can_L

  • Designed for serial tunneling through CAN

    • Now comes with modifiable traces to enable direct serial thru the 4pin header
  • Uses a 32bit STM32F103 MCU

  • IO include:

    • 3x Endstop Pins W/ 5v

    • 2x Thermistor (Compatible with Thermistors and PT1000)

    • 2 PWM fan outputs

    • Heater Output

    • 4 wire Stepper Motor

    • Single-connector CAN+Power

    • USB connector for Flashing Firmware and can double as backup signaling

    • TMC 2209 stepper driver with digital current control

    • Indicator LED’s for quick status updates

    • ADXL345 onboard for easy input shaping and future features

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CAN distribution board is currently in development which will combine same single-connector design for multiple toolboards on a single machine.

Changes from last produced set (V.5)

  • Added extra thermistor channel
  • Added 2x endstop channels
  • Endstops now support 5v
  • Cuttable traces on the backside now supports direct serial over 4-pin connector