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Jubilee/Generic Extra Tool Vitamins Kit

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    Extra Tool ONLY kit for the jubilee/toolchanger kits. To get the whole toolchanger system CLICK HERE

    Should build complete bondtech tool - Wiper Block, Tool Post, and Cable Management attachment.

    Item QTY
    M5x60 Dowel Rod 2
    M3x6 Buttonhead 6
    M3x10 Buttonhead 4
    M3x12 Buttonhead 2
    M3x40 Buttonhead Screw 3
    M3x8 Flathead Screw 6
    M3x6 Flathead Screw 11
    M5x10 Buttonhead Screw 6
    M3 Heat Tapered Insert 9
    M5 Hammer Nut 6
    Wiper 1
    M3 Threaded 8mm Balls 3
    O-rings (pair) 2
    Wedge Plate 1