Jubilee Cable-Driven Toolchanger Hardware-only kit V2.1

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All the parts you need for the Jubilee Toolchanger with provisions for mounting up to 6 tools

Looking for V1? Contact me Luke@Lukeslab.online and I’ll help you get what you need.

Assembly Instructions <-Here


Each Kit Contains:

Specialty QTY
Twist Lock Shaft Assembly 1
REL Spring 1
Spring Guide, 600mm 2
Wire Rope, 1600mm 1
Wire Lug 2
Fasteners QTY
M3 Square Nut 2
M5 Locking T-nut 2
M2 Screw, 10mm long 3
M3 Buttonhead Screw, 6mm long 7
M3 Buttonhead Screw, 8mm long 13
M3 Buttonhead Screw, 10mm long 8
M3 Buttonhead Screw, 12mm long 4
M3 Buttonhead Screw, 16mm long 1
M3 Set Screw, 8mm long 3
M5 Buttonhead Screw, 14mm long 2
Other Hardware QTY
REL Hub 1
M3 Washer 2
M4 Dowel Pin, 20mm long 6
M3 Tapered Heat Set Insert 13
Sleeve Bearing, 6mm ID, 9mm OD, 10mm length 1
M6 Shim, 0.2mm thick 1
M5 Shim, 0.2mm thick 3
Electrical QTY
Planetary Stepper (optional) 1
Mechanical Limit Switch 2
Dust Proof Limit Switch 2


Parts Contained in Each Tool Kit

Item QTY
M5x60 Dowel Rod 2
M3x6 Buttonhead 6
M3x10 Buttonhead 4
M3x12 Buttonhead 2
M3x40 Buttonhead Screw 3
M3x8 Flathead Screw 6
M3x6 Flathead Screw 11
M5x10 Buttonhead Screw 6
M3 Heat Tapered Insert 9
M5 Hammer Nut 6
Wiper 1
M3 Threaded 8mm Balls 3
O-rings 2
Wedge Plate 1