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Orbiter V1.5 Extruder

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    Orbiter Extruder, V1.5, as seen on Thingiverse

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight extruder package (140g)

    • Up to 9.4Kg-f of filament pushing force

    • 7.5:1 gear ratio

    • Glass-Filled Nylon Injection molded housing

    • Delrin Injection Molded Hub+Gears

    • Maximum Operating Temperature - 120C

    Differences from V1:

    • DuPont Delrin molded planetary gears;

    • Glass fiber reinforced Nylon housing and latch;

    • Filament exit guide part of the extruder housing;

    • PTFE tube connector on top;

    • New stepper option LDO-36STH20-0504AHG - 20mm long with more torque.

    • some internal bearings dimension has been changed to simplify assembly and improve the molding process quality.

    Firmware settings:

    • Steps/mm: 650-700 @ 16x micro-stepping

    • Acceleration: 600 mm/s^2

    • Maximum instantaneous speed change (jerk): 300 mm/min(RRF), 5 (Marlin)

    • Maximum speed: 3600 mm/min

    • Pressure advance: 0.02s

    • Retraction: ~1-1.5mm

    • Retraction speed: 60mm/s

    • Motor current:

      • 0.5A Peak or 0.35A RMS (LDO-36STH17-1004AHG & LDO-36STH20-0504AHG)

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