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QHV5160 (High Voltage TMC5160 Stepstick)

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    The Fysetc QHV5160 is a upgrade of HV5160, specially designed for high-voltage drive requirements and can work in the voltage range of 8-60V, such as 48V. The new design uses the QFP package of TMC5160, and selects eight 3x3 low-resistance MOSFETs. and also uses Samsung Electronics’ 100V X7R ceramic capacitors


    2. Features

    • 900 x 600mil / 22.3 x 15.24mm
    • 6 layer TG155 PCB
    • 8-60V 3.0A (rms) / 4.2A (peak)【Constrained by connectors, not components.】
    • 8 x NMOS (4.4 mΩ)
    • Step/Dir interface & SPI mode default
    • Compatible with Stepstick Pins
    • Encoder Interface pinout
    • DIAG output for sensorless homing
    • With thermally conductive silicone and large aluminum heatsink.

    3. Application

    3D printers, CNCs, engraving machines, or other similar devices with stepper motors.

    4. Specifications

    TMC5160 HV5160 QHV5160
    Motor Voltage (VM) 8-40V 8-60V 8-60V
    Size 800 x 600mil / 20.32 x 15.24mm 1000 x 600mil / 25.4 x 15.24mm 900 x 600 mil /22.3 x 15.24
    MOSFET 4x WSD4066 (17mΩ) 4x DMT6018 (17 mΩ) 8x 4.4mΩ NMOS
    Heatsink 238.6 W/(m·K)铝散热片 393.6 W/(m·K)纯铜散热片 238.6 W/(m·K)铝散热片
    Motor Phase Current max 3.0A (rms) / 4.2A (peak)
    Rs 0.075Ω
    Default Mode SPI Mode,Standalone mode selectable via solder option
    PCB layer 6层,TG155
    Pinout DIAG0 & Encoder Interface pinout
    Native Microsteps up to 1/256
    microPlyer Microsteps 1/256
    Logic Voltage (VIO) 3-5V
    Internal V-Regulator enabled
    stealthChop (quiet) yes
    spreadCycle yes
    coolStep yes
    stallGuard yes
    dcStep yes

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