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Lukes Laboratory

StepServo A3dp-4806

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    Brand new product that finally provides an easy to integrate, closed loop solution that goes well beyond existing closed-loop steppers.

    Fully integrated unit (hybrid servo controller integrated) means 1:1 replacement of existing Nema 17 motors  without mounting extra controllers elsewhere. Simple, labeled inputs with quick-disconnect screw terminals for excellent uptime.

    Key Features

    • Step/Dir (std or differential), CW/CCW pulse, and future Modbus motion inputs
    • 12-36v (recommend 24v) with auto-current tuning (12A max instantaneous output!)
    • Live modbus programming, troubleshooting, tuning, and logging
    • Hybrid Servo control for advanced positioning (using Field Oriented Control)
    • 16384 position encoder for excellent positioning accuracy
    • Fully integrated controller for compact mounting
    • Custom Coil and controller optimized towards 3d printing (CNC variants planned)
    • Exceptional reliability
    • On-motor Vibration tuning - Can input shape directly on the motor! - take out more vibrations before they start! 
    • Software improvements coming - will get better over time with integrations to klipper, RRF, tuning 
    • Drop in for nema 17 steppers - put it anywhere!

    Works with 3.3v signaling if using falling signal. 5v signaling recommended. 

    See it in action!