WS7040 DC 12V/24V Small High Pressure DC Brushless Centrifugal Blower - High-Flow Remote Part Cooling Fan

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High-speed blower fan for remote cooling application. Perfect for high-speed printing applications, especially when used as a remote fan.


Power Source: DC

Usage: Commercial Manufacture

Pressure: See Chart Below

Rated Power: 20~68W

Model Number: WS7040-12-V200N/WS7040-24-X200N

Rated Voltage: 24V

Type: Centrifugal Blower

Application: Air Blower

Motor Type: Three-phase DC Brushless Motor

Material: PA66+GF

Speed (open): 33000/36000 RPM

Speed (sealed): 42000/46000 RPM

Air flow (open): 220LMP/280LMP

Air pressure (sealed): 5.5/6.5 KPa

Noise: 65dBA

Hall angle: 60 degrees

Bearing type: NMB Ball bearing

Certification: CE

Protection Class: IP 54

Insulation Class: Class F

Note:This blower requires a driver to function properly.



1 Adding a filter on the inlet will extend life

2 The correct impeller spin direction is CCW

3 External driver controller can change speed via PWM or 0~5V signal

Shipping info - Part will be shipped directly from vendor, will arrive in 4-5wks.