Stablebot - ITS ALIVE

Alright – its been a while since I’ve last updated on this project – I haven’t written about it since last decade! (ha-ha) I have some exciting news and some frustrations as well. Here’s some pictures!

The good:

                All motors move!

                CoreXY Runs well!

                Z-Axis works… now – Post to come!

                Heater Heats bed to 110C at even 50% PWM

                Duet 3 + Raspi 3 is a flipping neat combo!

                Bed Axis Tilting works, but machine needs to be restarted afterwards. Current forum post discussing the cause:

                Hemera working well!


The Annoying:

                DWC isn’t my favorite for touchscreen control

                I don’t have any expansion boards yet

                No Toolchanger yet, see above

                Bed Heatup Times are long due to silicone adhesive insulation – post to come!

                Cutting the HDPE backer was harder than planned, looks pretty awful.

                 No PEI surface – The aluminum bed with painters tape just isn’t cutting it – the tape lifts off the aluminum surface and tall prints get knocked off. This prevents me from doing larger prints or upgrading to a supervolcano yet – too risky.

                Scratches, Scratches everywhere. My nice and shiny black structure is marred in some places.


The Bad:

                Heater apparently had a short to my bed – FIXED!

                Auto-levelling (both Auto-Tilt and Mesh compensation) are bugged and provide a

                Broke a tap into my massive bed, still stuck there

Overall, I’m going to pre-emptively call this a success. I’m happy with the machine’s performance in the little I’ve done, and it uses many of the same things I’ve learned from my Rigidbot conversion which has been running successfully for some time.


I’m excited to tell more in the coming days.

Thanks for reading!

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